I would like to share a little about myself and the journey which led to the setting up of One Palm Outreach Mission.

Born and raised in the UK to an Italian father and an English mother, I have lived and worked within 10 miles of the City of Birmingham all my life. I am married to Anita and have two adult sons Luke and Nathan. The Christian faith, its teaching and values is within the very core of who I am since becoming a Christian at the age of twelve.

I have been a part of a local church throughout this time and have served in a number of capacities including being a church pastor and have worked overseeing projects for other Christian organisations and international ministries. The act of worship is a daily part of every Christians life in one form or another and for me, being privileged to write and sing songs with my guitar in hand has been an extension and means to express the love and passion I feel for Jesus Christ.

I consider myself blessed to have had a wide and varied history in the workplace though my strongest skill sets would be from a technical background, due to my love of anything mechanical and my first job qualifying as a business machine service technician. I have learnt to diversify, transfer and build upon these skills which has provided a very rich and for the most part, enjoyable experience of life.

Fast forwarding to more recent times, after visiting my son Luke who at the time (April 2016), was working as a volunteer for Quasimodo Cafe, a Christian youth focused project in Tonsberg Norway. This is where our lives were to take a huge totally unexpected turn and I’m so very glad they did. For it was there in Norway that the journey leading me to set OnePalm really started. Luke introduced me to his fellow team members, amongst whom were two Nepalese girls Angel and Shanti. Luke had already experienced a really wonderful brother sister connection with these two, which I thought was rare and precious. What I was not expecting, that I too, would be instantly connected the very moment we first met and were greeted by them and on our arrival. What followed was a very pure and tender joining of hearts that I truly believe can only be the work of God and resulting in not only Angel and Shanti but their families being joined with ours in an adopted kind of way, except this was not written and agreed in a court of law but the courts of heaven and not by our flesh and blood but by Christ’s blood.

The weeks and months that followed brought us all closer together, hearing and learning more about their lives, families and home Nepal. I have been blessed to have made three trips to Nepal with a fourteen month period and with each visit the growing realisation and burden that I needed to do more. We are surrounded by so many noble and just charities around the world, all seeking to make a change to vulnerable, needy and people's desperate struggles and situations, for all manner of reasons. How and why should there be yet another? Quite simply, the moment these two young ladies came into our lives, it became personal to me, because it was personal to them. Not a tv documentary or news bulletin, not a newspaper article or a fundraisers knock at the front door but every day life, routinely tough with incredible stories of bravery, fortitude and resilience in the face of incredible hardship…yes, it became personal to me.

So together with my son Luke, a close friend Andrew Blount and my new daughters Shanti and Angel, we started to do what we could do in reaching out to the many and varied needs, mainly the immediate families because there were more than enough situations that required our love and support. As the area of our influence and relationships grew, so did the realisation that we did not have the resource to do this on our own and that if we were to really make a lasting difference then we needed to do more.

It was clear to me that we needed to set up and register a charity and with speed being of the essence, in stepped my close friend Richard Fleming. He kindly offered a perfect and fitting solution by registering One Palm Outreach Mission as a working name of his own long established charity, Governance Ministries. This was accepted by the Charities commission of England and Wales and registered on 31st January 2018…OnePalm was official!

Have you heard the phrase “What’s in a name?” Well it would be right not to give mention to another dear friend of mine, David Nicholls. He’s a man of many talents and one is with words. One day back in January 2018 I was sharing some of the names I was pondering as possible charity names, when within moments, he turned to me after scribbling something down, handing me a piece of paper with the words “one palm” and saying do you notice what else it spells? Of course, on joining the two words together they for Nepal. It took a short 10minute drive home by which time it was clear to me that OnePalm was perfect and that God had given him the inspiration for the organisation we now know as One Palm Outreach Mission.

I think I've said enough and if you're still with me then we'll done and thank you… there will be much more to this story that unfolds through all that we as a team accomplish, please follow our emerging story and maybe join with us in supporting our Mission…you see, we believe it's God’s Mission and we are simply partnering with Him.

I was born and raised in Dhulikel, a beautiful City 30km southwest of Kathmandu in Nepal. I have a BA in Rural Development and I am currently pursuing a Masters in the same field of study.

I am involved in youth ministry and serve as a choir leader in my local church where my father is the Pastor and I work voluntarily in the youth ministries of NBCBS and Christ Ambassador Committee.

Back in 2015, I had a great opportunity to travel to Norway on a student exchange programme arranged by NBCBS. During which time I spent six months as an intern for a project called Café Quasimodo, in the City of Tønsberg. It was during this time that I got to know a fellow cafe volunteer and team member, Luke. Over this period of working together, we became close, as like real family. Some months into the internship I met Luke’s Dad Robin who very quickly became as my adopted Dad, extending our families in a remarkable way, it was clearly God’s perfect plan for me to meet these amazing men of God, we had all met as strangers and now we are a beautiful family in Christ.

Nepal is one of the poorest and least developed countries. For many years a large proportion of the population have had daily incomes of less than $1 per day.

I have a great passion to serve and help the disadvantaged, marginalised and poor people, especially those living in Nepals many remote areas. Dad and I would often talk and share our passions and ideas of reaching out to these needy groups and of our desire to bring a positive change in society.

I have always had a heart for serving people in need, in desperate situations and to work in the area of social issues. One Palm will be a great platform and vehicle for me to reach out and to serve these people in the society I live. I believe people should see Christ through our deeds rather than just by our words.

My longer term goal is to develop sustainable and profitable businesses, creating new jobs for those in need to bring new hope and as our OnePalm slogan puts it “A Helping Hand To Positive Change!” in all we say and do, that we may show the love of Christ.